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I am biracial with about 3c/4b hair that is very short and breaks constantly. being biracial you would think my hair would be easier to manage but no. i never knew how to properly take care of my hair.i started getting my hair pressed at about 5 and at 6, i began to put relaxers /texturizers in my hair. many of the relaxers have been the at home kits. i have also colored my hair alot which also has contributed to the damage.It has been about 4 months since last time i have put a chemical in my hair but my hair breaks so much( tiny little pieces of hair everywhere) especially in the front of my head. I also recently stopped going to the dominican salons because that also made my hair break ALOT. i have had braids and weaves a few times which keep my hair healthy for about a few months then i do not know how to manage it after and it just breaks off. my hair is so weak and damged from all the chemicals i have in my hair for the past 10 years. i need an at home regime i can use to nurse my hair back to health with the products to use and everything i just want to grow it long and strong like it should be. someone help please.


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    first off, just because youre biracial, no one would assume that your hair would be "easier to manage". in a sense, that could be considered a racial stereotype and those r no fun.
    now, for your hair, i would suggest a professional trim! and trying an intensive hair care routine. a product line that i would recommend to you is called Aphogee. although most would complain that it makes hair even more prone to breakage as it becomes hard from all of the protein, your hair seems as though it could benefit from it. its too much for some people but its made for those who need an extreme hair care routine, which it sounds like youre in need of.
    The next time you go onto Youtube, try searching "aphogee" or "ateyaaa" (ateyaaa is a strong promoter of this product and has great results from it).
    Been on the CG method for about a month... slowly weaning myself off of twice a week flat ironing sessions as a new years resolutions
    Im a 3B with a lil bit of 3C. Its almost shoulder length curly
    Just looking to grow my hair back to BSL curly before all the breakage made me cut it off
    Loving the wild curly tendrils of my poofy hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :tongue:
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    keep your hair well moisterized.get it trim only when a protiene treatment about once a month or so depending on its health.keep it well conditioned as well.use moisterizing shampoos and conditioners. and take a good multivitamin.:love5:
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]2c3ab waist length when stretched or flat ironed or wet.
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    Hi =]
    I totally know where your coming from.!
    I relaxed my hair every 5- 6 weeks, and just left it.
    I didn't take care of my hair. It broke. And was badly damaged. I hardly had hair at the front and it was badly uneven. I couldn't even tie it in ponytails.!
    I'm black btw + 14. which is kind of a lot to go through.

    No relaxer.! No texturizer etc..
    They are BAD.! I've been without one for 8 months now, my hair has never been better. I'm transitioning to natural. and my hair has recovered from the strife I put it through. I can tie it in ponytails now :D.


    If you could show me pictures of your hair... I could give you detailed advice. But I'll just go by your description..
    When my hair was damaged, I wore cornrows. They enabled my hair to grow and protected it. Make sure your braids aren't too tight. that causes major breakage.! I wouldn't reccommend wearing weave atm because of the state your hair is in. Wearing weave drys out your hair which could promote extra breakage.

    I believe that cause of your breakage it dryness.
    Your hair is dry because your not keeping it moisturised.!

    The greatest wealth is health.!
    So think. Health before length.

    In order to get healthy hair you need to be using the right products. The products I'd reccommend for you.
    ( I also used them myself) are. : ( bit pricy!)

    Redken Extreme anti-snap leave in - Stops breakage, and repairs damaged areas. YOU NEED THIS. SOO.. buy it. You will not regret it.:laughing6:

    Redken All soft conditioner - Promotes moisture + manageability. Makes hair really soft and it's easy to detangle.

    Redken All soft heavy cream - ( deep conditioning treatment.) You need to implement deep conditioners in your regimen. This will not stimulate growth, but it will enable your hair to be moisturized, manageable .. all that good stuff :mrgreen:

    these are 3 things I strongly suggest you purchase!.

    other products you make want to consider :

    Shampoo's. :
    Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

    Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo


    Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner

    Nexxus Humectress

    Deep conditioners:
    [buylink=]Mixed Chicks Deep conditioner[/buylink]

    Neutrogena triple moisture hair mask

    Neutrogena Triple moisture Silk touch leave in cream.

    Looking after your hair when it hasn't been relaxed, can be tough. - Experience. (N)
    But you need to persevere.

    You need to be patient, and experiment. :D

    Here's a simple regimen that you can follow,
    And expand as you build a deeper relationship with your hair:

    Monday - Wash day! ( shampoo + condition)
    Tuesday- None
    Wednesday - Deep condition.
    Thursday - None
    Friday - Co-wash ( washing hair only with conditioners)
    Saturday - None
    Sunday - Deep Condition.

    As for styling. Wear twists or braidouts with your hair :) Want any more help? Message me with those pics or any questions and I'll do my best to help you get on track

    Vanessa X

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