Maine becomes 5th state to recognize gay marriage!

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I'm so proud! The senate passed the bill today 31-8 after the house passed it yesterday. An hour later the governor signed it into law! I wasn't sure he had it in him really. He's made some boneheaded decisions for this state but this time he made the right one!

Here's the local article

Opponents are gearing up to mount a people's veto campaign but we all expected that. It's going to be another interesting November.


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    I'm about to move to the east coast! (I swear! Stupid California)

    Congratulations! Yay for Maine!
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    Yeah for Maine. It's spreading. :)
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    yay! my city council voted to recognize gay marriages for other states. but given that we here in DC are living on the plantation, we'll have to wait for congress to say that it's ok. :angry2:
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    10% of our states have gotten their **** together. Progress, sure, but wicked slow.
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    Yay for my northern neighbor.

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