Layers/bangs stunting hair growth?

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I read on a different site that if you're trying to grow out your hair bangs and layers will stunt the growth because your body is trying to get the short bits back to normal length. Is there any truth behind this? I want to grow my hair out super long (waist length minimum) and have 3a hair that i keep layered so my curls lay properly and don't poof out at the ends. Should I grow them out and only get it dusted every so often?
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  • EarthyCurlsEarthyCurls Registered Users Posts: 495
    i dont think your hair knows how long it is, i dont think what u heard is true.
  • LynetteFlorenceLynetteFlorence Registered Users Posts: 4
    thats so silly, i had my hair cut into a bob in september (with layers and a bang) now its past my collar bone ( my hair grows sooo slow! :crybaby: )
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    Sounds like the George Michael hair philosphy--I tried it a long time ago the last time I grew out my hair, but my hair didn't grow any differently then than it does now with layers/angled around my face, so no, having bangs or layers won't make any difference; it just takes time to grow it. :)
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    Huh, I haven't heard of that before...but IMHO I don't think it would matter if you have them or not. I had very short hair with tons of layers and bangs and while growing it out (which I'm still growing) I had a delima. Either to keep the layers which resulted in more hair cuts because when layers grow they can look really shaggy or to look shaggy while growing layers out so I can longer hair and possibly get a one length hair cut (which I did). But I felt like either one would make long hair a distant goal. I went with the one layer cut because I had so many layers in it I couldn't even put it in a braid without pieces falling out into my face when it first got to my shoulders.
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    i heard about that on that site.i really dont agree....but ive never had hair that far as the hair growing....ive seen a lot of past waist length girls wear their hair up a lot to keep the ends from breaking.i make sure that i seal my ends daily and i wear my hair in a bun half the hair grows fairly fast.oh yeah....if you keep your ends dusted.......only when needed and take a good multi vitamin should knotice a difference in your hairs openion only....use as a possible guide.
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    I think it's a bunch of whooey :) Look at my Fotki at how short I had mine cut in February and now it's back as long as before - with layers all over.
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    yeah, i dont thing i'm buying that... no, i know i'm not lol
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    Surely that is not true. What does dusted mean???
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    IamDonna wrote: »
    Surely that is not true. What does dusted mean???

    Dusted is like a small cut. Not getting a trim but just cutting off the ends a little to prevent split ends. You dont take off to much hair but you cut your ends. You only clip away a little bit instead of a lot. Get it ever so often and you'll have no need to get trims regulary.
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