hair growth and caffeine

ShiriShiri Posts: 45Registered Users
do caffeine affect hair growth?some of my friends told me that caffeine have a bad affect on hair so if i want to grow it or make it less frizzy i should stop drinking coffee others told me that coffee is good for hair as a rinse or Co-wash because it make ur scalp more clean!
any suggestions to a coffee addict like me?
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coconut oil,shea butter,olive oil,henna and mayo r my best friends!
finally i am a proud curly head(unfortunately i used to adore straight hair)


  • jojo_leejojo_lee Posts: 14Registered Users
    This would be interesting to know, I'm also a caffeine addict!
    Co-wash: Suave coconut
    Condish: Biolage conditioning balm
    leave in: Suave condish
    Styling: Blended Beauty Frizz pudding, BRHG, Blended Beauty Styling lotion,
    Technique: Ice queen method/plop/sleep in a pineapple

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