Any Growing Out Tips for Me? :]

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I'm new to CurlTalk...sorry this post is so long...

I'm a 2A-2B with extremely thick hair.
In January, I decided to make a big change and got a bob haircut. I loved it for a few months, and now I miss my long hair.
I have split ends (from cutting it myself with dull scissors- never doing that again!) and it looks awful when I let it dry naturally- it's sooo poofy.
I'm therefore forced to straighten it every time I wash it (which is about every 3 days).

It's about this length right now:
I want to grow it out so it's about this length:

My hair generally grows pretty fast, but it seemed to slow since it got so split.

Can you estimate how many inches you think it needs to grow to get to that length?

And what are your best growing tips?

I'm considering taking vitamins, do they have to be specific to hair to help growth?

Also, do you have any tips to de-poof my hair or style it without heat?

Thanks for ready my post!

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