Where to get free sample of Sabino Moistureblock?

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I was wondering if anyone knows where to get a free sample of this stuff. I know it's nothing but cones and I'm CG, but I really want to see if it does what the website says it will do. I just can't figure out where to get a free sample, and I've heard that you can get one. Anyone know?
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    i contacted the site about two weeks ago regarding samples and they said they are no longer doing that. it was a temporary promotional thing.
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    It's nothing but the exact same ingredients found in every single silicone serum in your local drugstore or beauty supply store. Read the ingredients. They are exactly the same as John Frieda's Frizz-Ease or IC Polishing Serum or any one of a hundred different serums. In fact, those might actually be better because some of them contain extra conditioning ingredients or sunscreen that this does not.

    Go into CVS and check the silicone serums -- not the sprays and not the ones that have any alcohol or water -- they are the exact same thing.
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    while they are similar, they are NOT the same. Also, "Alcohol" refers to the "family" of chemical compounds. Cetyl, Cetearyl (Cetyl and Stearyl mixture), and Stearyl Alcohols are fine for hair. They are derived from coconut oil and are used as emolients, thickeners and emulsion stabilizers. Alcohols that dry will be S(pecially) D(enatured) A(lcohol)'s. Those you will find in hair sprays and some laminators, like Biosilk.
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    Sabino Moisture Block is a lot better than Frizz Ease or IC Polisher imo. It doesn't contain any extra ingredients that can evaporate or drawn moisture in. I love it for straightening and am curious about how it would work for curly styling.