Job dilemma - I have two offers, which one?

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So here is the deal: I am currently in graduate school, getting my Ph.D. in Natural Resource Economics and a Masters in Water Resources. However, to pay for school and my other bills, I am currently working at a software company as a developer. That is technically, my profession as I have been in programming for the past 7 years. I went back to school three years ago because I have always had a passion for Economics (I even have a dual bachelors in CS and Econ) and there are limited opportunities in research for those with just a B.S. in Econ.

Anyways, this is the problem: I have been at this software company, on and off, for over three years. Today, they offered me a managerial position which will open in January with a significant pay raise. By then, all I will have left with my degrees are my dissertation and master's thesis. I can, (un)realistically work full time at the point. The pay raise - it's a good one!

But, about a month ago, I interviewed at an Environmental Consulting Firm for the position of Economist. I would get close to the starting salary of an entry level Economist. This job would also help me, in terms of data, time and support, with my dissertation and master's thesis. At my interview, they actually offered me a position and the hiring manager told me she would get back to me with a final offer once she spoke with HR to make sure the salary I asked for was something they could afford. I heard back from them a week later, asking for my references and a writing sample and said that they would get back to me in a week about the job. After that, I never heard back from them, until TODAY. The hiring manager asked if I was still available.

So this is my dilemma - do I take the Env. Job because it's something new and challenging and fits my Economic goals, but there is chance that I may not a be a fit at this company (that's a risk at any new job!), or do I stay where I am knowing that I am getting a promotion and it's safe?
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    I said the economist, position. It sounds more like what you are working towards, so you might as well dive in and check it out!
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    I say the Economist position as well. It's what you've been working toward, and I think you'll always regret not taking it if you don't.
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    I personally would go for the money. That is just me. I wouldn't take an entry level position when I could be making tons more doing something else.
    Keep in mind that staying as an IT manager will probably kill all your chances of working in Economics later ( I think). If you want to start a career in Economics, you will need to start at entry level if or whenever you make the switch.
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    gemidevi wrote:
    ...Env. Job because it's something new and challenging and fits my Economic goals...

    gemidevi wrote:
    ...stay where I am knowing that I am getting a promotion and it's safe?

    My 2 cents? Safe & secure is nice....and safe.....and secure.....but
    it seems to me you are in the process of a career change (scary) so it's worth the risk to take chance in that career field.

    It's hard to embrace the unknown, but if I had to bet, I would say 99.9% of people who take a deep breath and go for it are glad that they did (irregardless of the outcome and/or the circumstances love/life/work). It so easy to stay within the safety zone, stepping out of it (in my opinion) really is life's lesson.

    Good luck!

    ETA: Is there normally a gap between the 2 fields in so for as pay goes? Me? I'm currently making 1/4 of what I was making in my previous field with zero (and I mean zero) benefits, where before I had a nice safe salary plus medical/dental/vision/paid vacation/paid sick days, etc. Yeah crazy I know, but I decided to take a chance and pursue something else. It was the best decision I could have made (despite being broke, which I did plan for)
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    ALL you will have left is the dissertation and thesis???

    I'd work for the place that was most flexible with the work schedule if I were serious about finishing your degrees in a timely manner. If I was willing to pace myself and do them slowly, I'd go with the job that would give me more direct experience in my chosen field -- economist.

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    To get where you want to go in life, you have to take risks. Go for the Economist job.

    Good luck! :D
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