Should I wash hair prior to highlighting

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I'm getting my hair highlighted for this first time tomorrow. And I have product buildup in my hair that I would like to wash out prior to my hair appointment. Can I do so or will it affect the outcome of my highlights? Thanks for your help


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    I don't think it will affect the outcome either way, but a stylist once told me it's best to color on dirty hair, for some reason.
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    Dirty is better according to my stylist too. You should probably you do a DT though - today and a couple days after. Even me, who OC's so easily, does a DT before and after highlights. :lol:
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    You shouldn't wash your hair or get it wet for at least 24 hours before coloring. I do recommend that you do a DT 2 days before and another one 3 days after.

    You also shouldn't wash freshly colored hair for at least 3 days afterward.

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