TRESemme Bouncy Curls ok?

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Ok, I'm gonna start the no-poo thing tomorrow. I JUST purchased TRESemme Bouncy curls gel and have used it once, and so far LOVE it.. But, I just read the ingredients, and there is one little bitty 'cone ingredient in there. Will that affect the "no poo" method a lot?
Does anyone else use this? And if I need to switch, can someone recommend a different gel?

Also, i'm going to pick up a Suave CO and find a thicker conditioner. Any suggestions? Right now i'm using Foxy Curls, but just read the ingredients there and its got lots of 'cones and stuff.

Thanks for any input girls!


  • silappsilapp Registered Users Posts: 34 Curl Novice
    I have been using one of those silicone de-frizzing serums for months now.. Do I need to do one of those clarifying cleansings before I begin?
  • EarthyCurlsEarthyCurls Registered Users Posts: 495
    what cone, and where on the list? for a thicker condtioner, lvpng
  • silappsilapp Registered Users Posts: 34 Curl Novice
    actually, i went back and there are more.. some are "cones" and some are "xames" or whatever lol.

    They are waaaay down on the list.. But i'm thinking i might as well go pick up a new gel too, while i'm at it.

    Any suggestions? I have 3b, very thick hair. I've heard a lot of people using LA Looks and/or Aussie. Good?

    Think i'm also gonna pick up the GVP conditioning Balm too.
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    Yes, clarify with a shampoo that doesn't have any cones in it. All of the things in my siggie are CG (safe if you aren't using shampoo). I can't recommend a shampoo as I used my prescription one to clarify. I *think* Suave clarifying shampoo has been mentioned to do your last wash with, but I'm not 100% sure. Good luck.
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    I am transitioning and recently have started the CG method and I LOVE IT!!!! I used to use tons of TRESemme products as well, but there are alot cheaper ones out there. To do your sulfate wash I think that you should use the Johnson & Johnson Baby Shamp, it has the least offending sulfate in it and it will still do the job. For rich conditioners, try the L'oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss BUT make sure it's the one for Curly/Wavy hair as the other will have amodimethicone in it. Also you may like (I do at least) the GVP Conditioning Balm, the Pantene Beautiful Lengths (contains bis- aminopropyl dimethicone but I can cowash it out), and Lustrasilk Mango/Shea Butter Conditioner. I think if you have about three to choose from you'll be fine.
    In regards to gels, I have a personal bias for LaBella Curl gel. It's pink and comes in a 22 oz. bottle for dirt cheap! It has a grapefruit scent that I adore and I love it! Some people prefer L.A. Looks but I've found that it did nothing but make my hair rock hard. Also I use Proclaim's Curl Activating Gel (more for second day hair and it has protein in it). I got a huge jar for about $2. The Fantasia IC Styling gel has a good cone in it and it works well for me. I also use the Just For Me Smoothing Gel, whis is also extremely inexpensive. Some people really like the HE totally twisted gel too (I think). Just do some investigating and I'm sure you'll find what works for you. Happy Hunting!
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