What is rong with my hair?

iminalalalandiminalalaland Posts: 7Registered Users
My hair is going crazy it will only frizz up on me or not curl at all and i have to put it in a pony.

I just got it cut about 2 week ago and on easter it was perfect but now it wont curl or it just frizzes very badly? Dose anyone know what to do????:laughing2:


  • MikelMikel Posts: 26Registered Users
    Are you using the CG method? If you aren't already, you should try it, and learn about it. First off, don't shampoo your hair everyday, you can wash it very gently with conditioner, don't rub with a towel when you dry, lightly scrunch the water out, and let it mostly air dry. You can try putting in a curling mousse product, or a spray/gel type of thing, not too much though, and scrunch it up as it dries, that'll give you some really nice curl. It works for me, anyway, and I really have to work my hair for the curls to show themselves.

    I seem to have quite a large & voluminous blend of 2C, 3A and 3B hair.

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