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Has anyone had luck with this skin line? I'm thinking of trying it. Purity face wash/ Hope in a jar..pros/cons? TIA
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    Expensive, useless, junk. IMO.
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    I use the Purity cleanser to remove my eye makeup but not for the rest of my face.
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    I bought the Makeup Optional kit a little over a month ago. I like the Purity cleanser a lot but the other products are just average, IMO. Hope in a Jar clogged my pores and gave me cystic acne so I exchanged it for Hope in a Bottle. Hope in a Bottle would be great if I didn't have some fine lines developing around my eyes. It just doesn't do anything for wrinkles. I've been using a Lancome moisturizer that's made to combat wrinkles and I can already tell a difference after 4 days. I never saw a difference with the Philosophy products.
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    mrspoppers wrote: »
    I never saw a difference with the Philosophy products.


    I did like the Great Mystery cleanser (the aroma and how it felt on my skin), but I don't think it made any difference.
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    I have only tried, and can recommend, 1 of their products. It is Hope in a Jar, Super Hydrating Mask. I had been using Acne free topicals to try and control breakouts and my skin was getting really flaky from benzoyl and everything else. So, for the past week, I've been using the super hydrating mask. It feels, smells and performs just like a spa mask in a salon. And the Makeup Alley reveiws of this particular product are consistent with my experience.

    Makeup Alley tends to slam some of their other things, and that is consistent with what others have posted on this thread.

    Overall, I would repurchase this particular mask. It is really moisturizing and has zapped my dry/flaky skin issues (that were so bizarre and atypical for me) quickly.
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    Purity is good for removing makeup. Not actual cleansing. Made my skin break out.
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    thanks to the thousands of positive reviews on Sephora i went and paid $10 for a pathetic little bottle of Purity Made Simple abt a week ago, seems like a great face wash but hasnt improved upon my acne at all! My face has actually gotten a little worse. The soap i was using before [Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar] worked pretty good clearly.. so i switched back & am just going to put the Philosophy in my emergency travel kit i keep in my car [since its so tiny]. If i were you, i wouldnt waste my monies, but their bodywashes are awesome !
    Try the Cetaphil its $3, gentle, moisturizing and if u cut the bar in half it lasts a good 2mos! & I find using it with a buff round helps with cleasning/exfoliating.
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