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So I started the CG method a few weeks ago, and it was going fine. My hair was curlier, but it was also kind of limp. As the days went on, my hair started to feel wet, as though it never fully dried. I couldn't tell if it was greasy or just over-coated?? what do you guys think?
So I washed my hair with a sulfate shampoo and started again. the next few days my hair looked awes, and then it was back to the wet thing. I'm not sure if I should give up or stick it out. I went about three weeks of it looking wet.


  • hotmustang46gthotmustang46gt Posts: 95Registered Users
    What products are you using and how often do you co-wash?
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  • caroline!caroline! Posts: 29Registered Users
    nothing special, just suave naturals because I didn't want to pay money until I was sure I was gonna stick with it. I wash every day.
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    if it looks wet, then from my experience, that is either an incorrect product application method or an overabundance of product over saturating the hair shaft.
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  • caroline!caroline! Posts: 29Registered Users
    ^^alright, I'm pretty sure I'm applying it right. So I should just use a little less?
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    What are you using to style? I do not like Suave or most cheap conditioners; they have something in them that makes my hair limp and frizzy. Try something else as a co-wash and maybe less frequent. I gave up co-washing and do water rinses mostly.
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    I don't use any other products...
    thats partly true of me, my hair is really limp, but not frizzy. I'm just afraid to risk not doing it every night, because I don't want it to get really oily the next day. but I'm going to sacrifice my comfort and take your advice
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    Could be the product. When I co-wash with Suave Green Apple, I actually need another co-wash with a different product afterward to feel clean and not get all limp/maybe greasy feeling. (That's the only Suave I've tried so far.)

    If you have a Trader Joe's near you, their Nourish Spa condish is nearly the same price as Suave and I love it for a co-wash. A lot of curlies do use it as their second condish, too.

    Also, VO5 conditioners are cheap and many here like them better than Suave for co-washes. They're lighter and thinner and I think I'll be trying one of those if I get tired of/run out of the TJ's anytime soon. White Rain is another super-cheap brand, similar in price to Suave and VO5.

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