Suave Clarifying conditioner

I have been co-washing with Suave Coconut conditioner now daily for about 2 months. I have once every 2 weeks used some Burts Bees baby shampoo, which I think is low-poo. The only reason I do this is some products may have some -ones low on the list and sometimes my hair just seems gunky.

I got some of the Suave Clarifying conditioner to co-wash with too. What is everyone's opinion on this conditioner? Is it a favorite just like the Coconut?

Also will the Jessicurl creme cleanser work to get the -ones out?
The Plan:
Poo-less: Since March 09....If need be, I might use Burt's Bee baby shampoo/wash, but once every 2 weeks only
Co-Wash: Suave Naturals Coconut daily (use as leave-in too)
Gel: Aveda Confixor or homemade FSG/aloe
Other stuff: Aveda Curl Control, Jessicurl Confident Coils, and Jessicurl weekly deep conditioner treatment


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    I have that and I have been using it every once in a while, whenever I feel my hair is getting weird. I can't tell you that it made a difference for me. The baking soda followed by the ACV rinse works much better I think but I don't use products with cones so it may be different for you.
    Also I think if you use the baby shampoo every now and then you probably don't need the clarifying conditioner (I'm not an expert in the low poos though).
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