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Hi everyone! :) I'm new to this site; I was browsing through the internet looking on ways to grow out healthy curly hair and found this one. I want to grow out my hair (clearly, lol) but don't know how. Its really short now. I am working in Iraq and haven't had a haircut since I've been back (I just got back three weeks ago from the States on R&R). My hair is really thick, and right now coarse. It gets curlier the longer it gets and I want to eventually cut it into a certain style. I am a soon-to-be 20 y.o. African-American guy with EXTREMELY dry hair. For now, I just want to grow it out but the problem is I don't know what to use (conditioners, moisturizers, etc.). I know NOW that I am using the wrong shampoo, but I am still at a loss. Please help!:pale:


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    first off stop the poo----pleeeease. if you must use a soap of some sort try dr bronner's castille soap---i really like the hemp/peppermint one. my hair personally loves suave lavendar/lilac conditioner. i'm trying the just conditioner washing method right now--giving the soap a break:thumbright: i deep condition at least once a week either with the suave or my little concoction (check my blog for info). are you using styling products? i have found success with combining softee clean and clear gel and long aide activator gel in my hands then placing them on my hair (both at walmart). i apply a small amount of jojoba oil to my hair first. they do a good job of keeping my curls defined and moist without any hardness. hope that helps. go through the threads on here and you will find a lot of useful info. it would be good to figure out your hair type(s) and check out those individual forums as well.
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