Indigo mix with Henna.

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I'm planning to henna in a few months.

I don't like a red color in my hair so I was planning to mix indigo into my henna to create a more reddish/brownish color.

Plus because my hair is curly I'm going to add a bit of amla.

Would the indigo loosen my curls?
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    No, not at all. I just did an indigo treatment last month and it didn't loosen my curl pattern.

    My only suggestion to you is make sure you read the directions carefully or your hair will turn out blue :bigsmurf:

    I got my indigo and manual from's website.
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    I haven't done it in a few months, but it certainly didn't loosen any of my curls, so I don't see why it would do it to yours. Just to be safe though, I'd read the henna thread in the 4A section (I think it's a sticky) and read the free booklet on like mariag said.
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    adding some amla to the mix might help as well. Check out for tips. She posted info about a girl coloring with an indigo, amla, henna mix so her curl wouldn't loosen.
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