really good hair day because of humidity

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My hair LOVES humidity and unfortunately I live in a DRY climate but today is rained and there is alot of moisture in the air and my hair looks awesome. I wish I lived someplace where there is humidity!!

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    You're lucky! My hair seems to do much better in dry climates. Unfortunately I'll be moving to Houston soon...VERY humid! Ack!
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    Humidity is my friend. I use to think it was the enemy before I got a handle on ingredients and products.

    Humidity levels in winter will definitely influence the next place I live.
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    Your super lucky. I lived in Florida for 18 years and my hair HATED it. I now live at about 7 thousand feet in Colorado, and my hair is happy. It does make me miss beaches though. My hair loved the salt water.
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    I thought I was the only one whose hair loves humidity. I noticed that my hair grows faster in high humidity than in climates with low humidity (60%).
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