Is it just a matter of trial and error?

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Some sylists I've seen say don't touch hair after it's dry because of frizz, others say don't touch the hair while it is wet because it will disrupt the curl pattern.

Some say diffuse right away, others say wait 15 mins. then diffuse.

I am trying out various stylists in NYC and think yesterday I finally found my HG, but won't post until I see if I can reproduce the results. Meanwhile, what about the touching - and when, and the diffusing and when? I'm 3a, hair too short to plop.
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    You're likely to receive a variety of answers to this.

    Here's mine:

    - I apply my products on sopping wet hair then scrunch like mad.
    - Once I'm done scrunching in all my product with bare hands, I use a flour sack towel to scrunch out the excess moisture.
    - Then I hang upside and diffuse (Hot Sock or bowl) to set the canopy curls and add some root volume.
    - Flip up and diffuse side to side to 50% dry.
    - I don't touch it again until it's completely dry, or very close, and then I SOTC.
    - I do touch my hair after it's dry. I don't frizz much probably because I'm usually touching to tuck or scrunch, and CK really keeps frizz at bay in general for me. Raking or pulling on the hair after it's dry would probably tend to make me frizzy regardless of the CK though.

    Recently I purchased a Hardbonnet hairdryer. There's an crazy thread on the R2D2/hardhat started by del with more info on that. AAR - I sit under it for about 20-25 min on high right after the flour sack scrunching. I don't touch my hair at all while it's drying.

    And yes, I would say there will probably be some trial and error involved for you. I've tried many other routines that didn't work as well over the past couple years.
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    Most stylists do not know curly hair even curl "specialists". I scrunch product in sopping wet hair, until I get the right curl and shape, then I gently use a microfiber to get the excess water out, clip if necessary then air dry 1/2 hour to set then I diffuse until completely 100% dry. If using CK you can scrunch all you want after it is dry to style more. When I go to a stylist, they usually put product in almost dry hair, diffuse a little and leave it damp so by the time I get home it is a limp, fly-away, frizzy mess!
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    I refuse to touch my curls until dry, I can upset curl patterns easily with my fingers and had to retrain myself with I first started CG.

    If I do touch my curls while they're still wet, I get frizz. Not so much if I touch them when dry.

    My rule of thumb, keep my fingers away from my curls!
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    I have to second Colorado on the "no touchie until dry" rule. I get out of the shower, and before I even reach for my towel, I'm working gel and FOTE into my hair in about equal amounts. Then I plop into an old T shirt. This seems to disrupt my curls less than another method I have tried.
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    I do think it's trial and error, but here's what works for me.

    1. Squeeze water out of hair in shower
    2. Squish hair once or twice with towel so I don't drip everywhere but leave it pretty wet
    3. comb or finger comb
    4. put in products and scrunch like crazy upside down
    5. leave hair to its own device while I put on make up and get dressed (no touching during this time...zen hair time!)
    6. diffuse--flip head over and dry top, dry from side to side until 70-80% dry
    7. eat and let hair have more zen no touching time
    8. when 90% dry, if it's sticking out in strange ways I'll put a product on top, like a squirt or two of a spray gel, and rearrange
    9. crunch out the crunchies
    10. Leave the house, hope for the best!
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