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so I have been searching through these threads for over an hour now but I still seem to have questions. I am planning to color my hair tomorrow night for the first time with my friend. I have been CG for a couple months now and I want to try to do this right.
I have dirty blond hair that I want to lighten a little just to change things up. I bought the Naturaly Instincts hair color. I co-washed this morning with Suave, rinse out with LVPNG, and leave-in GVP. I also scrunched in [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] and HETT. I'm assuming I will need to rinse out the product in my hair. Should I do this tonight and should I conditioner my hair or basically just rinse it?
Any advice would be appreciated. I'm not really familiar with how coloring works. Thanks!


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    I just highlighted today. Because my hair has been overconditioned for a few weeks, I questioned whether I need to DT prior to the dye. I decided I would and responses indicated that was the right decision. I will DT again on Sunday or Monday. As for product, I went in with product still in my hair. He just coloured over top of it. He never washes anything out first.
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    I was once told by a stylist that it's best to color with dirty hair, but I don't know why.

    I did mine with second day hair, and product residue.

    I never DT with anything but a CG clarifying shampoo.
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    thanks for the replies! I think I'll just leave my hair the way it is until I color. I've read your not supposed to wash your hair for at least a day after you color too. I guess I will just watch and make sure my hair doesn't get too greasy; it just seems like a long time to go without washing...
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    You shouldn't wash your hair for at least 24 hours BEFORE coloring and 72 hours AFTER coloring to let your hair stablize. It will help A LOT if you don't want fading.

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