Stlying Curly Hair

JezJez Posts: 3Registered Users
Just a quick queiry here i want to know how to stlyle curly hair because my attempts just lead to my hair frizzing into a mini fro or just becoming a unslightly mess. When i wake up my hair is like this

I just want to know how to style my hair to make it more like this
or This
Please help as i have no idea how to stlye curly hair (And yes iam a big fan of fabrizio moretti:))


  • alex_infpalex_infp Posts: 8Registered Users
    He's awesome, so are the Strokes. And have you heard Little Joy?

    Anyway I'd also like to know his technique because he's got several different looks and doesn't seem the type to spend a lot of time on styling.
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  • JezJez Posts: 3Registered Users
    Little Joy are quailty allthough hes got some kind of beard thing going on there lol
  • CalamityMCalamityM Posts: 541Registered Users Curl Novice
    I'm guessing he gets out of the shower, combs some gel through his hair and then lets it try naturally. He possible scrunches the crunch of of his hair once it's dry, and then doesn't think about it again!
  • CurlyyyNessa12CurlyyyNessa12 Posts: 4Registered Users
    Idk maybe just because he's Fabrizio Moretti he can just will his hair to be awesome. But you could try putting conditioner in your hair while your in the shower and combing it out with a Denman brush, it's a curl defining and detangling brush. And I'm a huge Strokes fan too!! Fab is my favorite drummer of all time!!!:)
  • CurlyyyNessa12CurlyyyNessa12 Posts: 4Registered Users
    Oh and you can buy a Denman brush from like Target or Sally's. You can also use some gel or mousse. Good luck!!

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