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Next year I have gym every day (hopefully the last year of this!) and I'm really really worried that I'm going to have to end up wearing my hair up every day. My hair does NOT look good after I take it down from a ponytail, I have to take a shower again to get it looking decent after I've put it up. Ugh! What do you guys do with your hair in gym?
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    well, I only have PE once a week but at my school everybody has to wear their hair up all the time (very stupid rule). If I know that I'm going out after school and I want to wear my hair out I use a looser hair tie to tie up my hair. Then when I take it out I flip my hair over my head and kind of shake it around with my hands and head. sometimes it will make my hair frizzy or too BIG but I fix it by brining just a bottel of spray in condish and spraying it lightly over my head and fixing it into shape with my hands.

    It dosnt look AS good as what your hair would normally, but its only a slight differance aand would allow you to wear your hair out after PE. also, dont tie your hair up at the start of the day if you dont have gym at the start of the day. If you have the hair tie in for a really short amount of time, you hair should look pretty much the same after.
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    This is my second year of having gym every day so I am starting to get used to it. A messy bun, or braids are good alternatives to a pony tail. Make the messy bun very loose. I agree with Maggie the less time your hair is up the better it will look and I agree with bringing in a spray bottle of conditioner. Good Luck!:nike:
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