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ok so i want 2 try some natural products. i'm thinking about buying david babaii for wildaid hydrating conditioner and giovanni direct leave-in. however, giovanni DLI apartently is supposed to make ur hair thicker. does it really do tht? cause i have thick hair and rly don't want it to be any thicker. also, any recommendations for natural (but drugstore) hair products.

also, has anyone tried nexxus alluring curls? i know its not cg, but i'm considering trying it. any reviews? thanks!
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    I just got GDLI about a week ago, and I'm pretty satisfied. I made my own gel/leave-in with coconut oil and a bunch of other ingredients, so I scrunch that in wet hair, and then gently finger comb in the GDLI. In the morning I follow up with Aveda Curl Control. It leaves my hair really soft and the curl formation is not amazing, but still constant, which makes me happy. I probably will re-purchase it, especially for it's amazing price and all-natural ingredients.

    I would suggest using some kind of gel with it, as it doesn't have the strongest hold.

    I hope that helps! :blob7:
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