Prom Hairstyles??

sweetness9475sweetness9475 Posts: 1Registered Users
My prom is this Saturday and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for hairstyles.
My sister (who has the same curly textured hair as I do) straightened and then curled her hair, but I'm afraid that'll damage my hair.


  • curlytreescurlytrees Posts: 46Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    A lot of peoplehere straighten their hair and if you have healthy curls it probably won't be a big deal if you make sure you use some kinda heat protectant. I always use some shine spray too (or a glaze would work too). It makes your hair look healthy when flat irons give it a weird blunt effect.

    Personaly I like up-do's. Buns can be really elegant (clip it up with big bobby pins if you hair is really long).
    Or voluminous curls (:.. Mhm my fave.
  • sarahmarie17sarahmarie17 Posts: 2Registered Users
    If your hair is long, its going to bother you and you'll likely pull it back by the end of the night if you plan on dancing. I've been the 3 proms. the first, I straightened.. My hair fuzzed very quickly because the location was very humid with body heat. the second time, I had it half up half down, curled by a hairdresser, that failed too... it fuzzed just as fast and the curls he did fell out and my hair looked a mess, the 3rd time, I had it up, think taylor swift in lovestory. Worked out the best and i was picture ready all night and even into the afterparty

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