Dr Bronner's Castile soap

gabbiegabbie Registered Users Posts: 16
Hi everyone,

i recently discovered the castile soap with peppermint oil in a health store...bought it and tried it out...WOWOWOWOWWOWOW...best shampoo experience ive ever had!!! its so concentrated and you have to dilute it with water..i highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a good shampoo without any sulfates...xxx also wanted to know if anyone has tried it and had good experiences as well?


  • lovely_eirenelovely_eirene Registered Users Posts: 48
    I bought the lavender one, and even though I diluted it, it left my scalp greasy and my ends dry :/ I'm really disappointed - it looked like a good, hassle-free replacement to the baking soda/water solution I've been using (it's great, but a pain to keep mixing so much of it) :(
    Fine 3c type, loves protein. BS length when straight, aiming for BS length when curly!
  • curlycaramelcurlycaramel Registered Users Posts: 472
    I have been using the Almond one, and it's one of my favourite products, around my period I tend to get the odd spot on my face so have been using it to wash my face and it has cleared my skin up.
    so any product than can be used to wash your face, body and hair is good in my books. I can't use it often as a shampoo though but it would be good for travelling
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