13 year old curly girl

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My daughter is 13 and has red curly hair. It has always been so beautiful. She hates it! She always pulls it up. I have been coming to this site for 5 years now getting adivce and it works. But, she insists on pulling it up which I know damages the hair. Well, here lately her hair is falling out. I know it is natural for hair to fall out. But, she doesn't understand that. Her hair is thining and getting more and more frizzy. So, I made her an appointment to get the curl maybe loosend up a bit. Because she does have tight curls but, it is getting frizzy. Well, our beutican loves her hair, so it will be interesting if the beautican will talk her out of it. Which, maybe she shouldn't, but I am anxious to see how she will feel about it. This beutican has done an excellent job cutting and showing her how to style and what to do. Everything she says I have read on here also. It took us along time to find a good beutican. It seems no one is around my small town has cut a curly persons hair.
Well, we go to the beutican on Friday so we will see what happens. I am really nervous. But, she is 13 and it is her hair. She won't change the color till she is 18. I don't want her hair tottaly straight. Which I find it had to believe it ever will. She knows that. But, I don't even know if they can loosen up the curl. Has anyone ever done that?


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    I had a friend that losened her curls. They looked pretty good on her but the problem was what to do when the natural curl started growing back into it. It's harder to take care of than a color root.
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    If it's falling out now, wouldn't putting relaxers and stuff on it make it worse?
    I'd suggest getting your daughter to read some of the stuff here, like the routines and styling options, and try it out for a week before making a decision to relax her curl. She may want to check out the board that has alot of threads about relaxing too.
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    Maybe if you tell her that another 13 year old curly girl is TOTALLY JEALOUS of her hair, than she'll be happy she has it.
    I'm a wavy with black hair, and Ive always wanted to have tight red curls. Shes very lucky, and if she doesnt realize this now, than she will eventually.

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