Got my first Deva cut!

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I went to Shapes Salon & Studio in Denver and saw Julia McBride. She was so great! I have never had a stylist tell me that I have great hair before!

She didn't do a whole lot of cutting. She just trimmed off the dead ends and cleaned up the step layer I had in the back. She said she didn't want to cut more off this first time since I'm letting my hair grow.

First, she trimmed my hair dry, then she colored my hair (I am almost completely grey) and fixed my old highlights. She used Schwarzkopf and put some lowlights and highlights in my hair and fixed some of my old ones.

Once the color was rinsed out she styled it and cut a little more when it was dry again, finishing the shaping.

This is the first time I have left a salon with curly hair! :D My hair feels and looks great and I will never have anyone ever do my hair again.

I attached some pics of my cut. :blob7:
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    check out The Denver Post article in the LifeSTYLE section from Tuesday March 8th!!! "Wave of the Future for Curls"