I think I'm a 2a?

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Hi. I'll introduce myself first. My name is Rheanna; I am 22 years old from Kentucky. I'm new to this site but definitely not new to curly/wavy hair. The reason I say curly/wavy is that my hair used to be thick, coarse, frizzy and in tight ringlets all over my head. It was never kinky or anything, but very ringlet-y :)

It was especially bad during puberty, but then at 15 I whacked it off and found hmm.. it's short but it's almost straight? I would blow dry, but not brushing.. just blow dry and it would be a bit wavy but looked great. I started to let it really grow out again after about two years and I found I had to scrunch to make it look kind of curly but it was never in ringlets again.

Then after whacking it off again a couple years later and then letting it grow once more, I've discovered that now my hair is a whole lot thinner, and very soft and fine and I can easily blow dry it straight. If I just let it dry, I get kinda fuzzy un-defined waves but if I scrunch it and use products I have rather wavy hair that made me wondering if it is in fact curly?? At the moment I just had a cut. I have long layers in the back, face framing in the front... the shortest is right under my chin. The longest layer in my hair is about bra-strap length (the only way I can think to describe it! lol)

I will try and post a picture as soon as I can to get more input... but I even talked my hubby into looking at pictures with me and we both decided I look most like a 2a... my hair looks a lot like Joss Stone's on the Curl411 page.

Any input would be great.. Do have a couple questions - do other 2a's still have some issues with frizz, especially around the front/top (like beside eyebrows, above ears) and what products do you guys use?

Also, I feel dumb but what is CG? What is plopping? And what is "no-poo"?? Sorry to ask so many questions and sorry if this is very horribly written. I'm tired and kinda in a hurry at the moment. Thanks a lot for any input and help!


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    Hi Rheanna83,

    CG means "curly girl", a method for taking care of curly/wavy hair, as coined by stylist Lorraine Massey. There is a whole book on it, but put simply, it involves eschewing shampoo and washing your curls/waves with conditioner.

    This sounded a little odd to me at first, but what I found out is that like shampoo, conditioners also contain surfactants that cleanse the hair, the difference is that the primary cleansers in shampoos tend to be harsh anionic surfactants, while conditioners contain mild nonionic surfactants, which enable conditioning effects to stay on your hair.

    This means curls/waves are cleansed without being stripped dry. As nonionic surfactants don't strip-clean your hair, people on CG have to avoid non-water soluble ingredients this includes some silicones, as well as mineral oil, beeswax, and petrolatum. No-poo and CG are the same thing.

    Plopping is a way to enhance your curls/waves. Here is a great illustrated guide:


    Some other NC.com jargon is explained here:


    btw, are you trying to make your waves more like curls, or just a healthy version of what they currently are? The style you prefer will determine which products are best for you.

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    JeaMaria-- Thanks for replying and clearing up some questions. I guess no poo means no shampoo? Heh.. I can't imagine not washing my hair with shampoo at all. I haven't even managed to go more than every other day without washing it, although I just use a tiny tiny amount and only on my scalp. Usually within 18 hours my hair is greasy at the top.. I know, I know, it's cause it's used to over-producing oil just like your face will if you wash it too often... But still. That's one I gotta think about. Do you do it?

    Now the plopping sounds neat. I think I'll try that one for sure.. probably tomorrow. Does it make any difference whether you use a t-shirt or a towel? I usually try to keep my hair out of a towel as much as I can. It seems to make it frizzy.

    My usual routine is to wash it (usually every day although I know I shouldn't.. I try and do it different times. Like if I was it on Sunday evening, I won't wash it till late Tuesday morning and then not again until Thursday morning, but then again late Friday night. I guess it ends up being 4-5 times a week. I use Suave because it never seems to matter what shampoo I use. I use a little bit, only on the scalp, rinse well with warm water and then use a ton of conditioner (garnier fructis for flat/lifeless hair as using conditioner say for dry/damaged hair or even for curls usually leaves me flat and oily headed..) I let it sit for a couple minutes, pick or comb out, rinse with warm, rinse again with as cold as I can take it, blot dry (no rubbing) and then put in mousse - all throughout and scrunch a bit. After that looks alright I use garnier spray gel for curls, scrunch a bit more and dry with a diffuser upside down. If it's humid or I have frizz, I try a little biosilk on it after it's dry, just not near the roots. Maybe that's too much info.. sorry.. I realized I went on and on! :)

    Anyhow.. I'm not really trying to make my hair curlier, I'm just trying to take care of it and keep it looking its best. Plus, its fun to talk to other curlies (and wavies?) about hair. I'm the only girl in my family with hair like mine and there is no one to discuss this with. Plus it drives me nuts how so many people don't get curly or wavy hair. It wasn't too long ago that my brother told me I needed to brush my hair. I told him I couldn't 'cause it was dry and he looked at me like I was an alien... And my inlaws all have very fine, very straight, very thin hair, so they think it's humorous to watch mine blow up when it rains...

    And like I told my husband last night, to think that I have wavy hair instead of curly hair makes me like it better.. I always considered myself to have curly hair that just wasn't behaving quite right..

    I am gonna attempt to get a photo up so I can show you guys and get more input. Can you put them here or do you have to create another page? I have several, but I have to upload them to my pc and check out which ones are the best.

    Thanks again!
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    I think I have a page of pictures ready. Now looking back, my hair doesn't really look like I thought it did. Pictures seem to look different.. I dunno...

    Either way, here's the address:

    I hope that works. If anyone can tell me what type of hair I have, that'd be great.

    Please excuse the incorrect dates. All of these were actually taken today but I forgot to reset the date on my camera after changing the batteries :)

    Sorry that I look kinda dumb in a couple. It's not too easy to take pictures of yourself, but I tried to get from each side and from the front. The ones I took of the back turned out all blurry, but I think you'll get the picture from these.

    Thanks in advance for any input/suggestions.
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    Hi Rheanna83,

    I clicked on the link, but couldn't see your pics as I'm not a member of the site :( . You can post pics on here, but they need to have a URL. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL into your reply. Then highlight it and click the "Img" icon above the reply box. The pic will post onto the thread without having to click a link. I don't think it will work on password protected albums, though.

    About the no-poo; many people on this site don't follow CG to the T, some do a modified CG, using a non-sulfate shampoo once a week to once a month, etc. Some people don't follow CG at all and use sulfate shampoos. Whatever works best for you.

    Don't worry about asking "too many questions" this is what this site is for; talking and talking and talking about hair, and all kinds of stuff :D

    Oh, by the way, I am not a "wavy" as such, I have a blend of different curls with waves, so I mostly post in the "curly" boards. I am a true hair obsessive though, plus I like to style friends and family members hair, so I like to peruse all the boards! :)

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