New to CG - straight bits?

Hi! I'm a UK curly, I've been around a while but I've only just registered.

I've never straightened my hair much, as I like my natural hair, but for a while I've been using a curling iron on the very front and on top of the sides of my hair as they went frizzy otherwise. I've been co-washing only for a week which my hair seems to like:


But I haven't been able to do anything with the bits at the front. I'm thinking they're heat damaged. :-(

Is there any way I can rescue my hair? I don't want to keep using the curler as the problem will never go away!



  • curlyjenn10curlyjenn10 Posts: 2,034Registered Users
    Welcome :)

    It can take time for your hair to adjust. I know mine wasn't very curly for a good two or three weeks into CG.

    That said, what products are you using now? That can have an effect on curl enhancement. If you suspect heat damage, try using some products with protein. That may help a little, but if it's too damaged you may have to wait it out. If it's only been a week, I wouldn't be really worried about it yet.
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  • lasaritalasarita Posts: 32Registered Users
    I have straight bits like that too, on the top and around the face. I'm on week 3, and I've noticed this week that they're curling more. I'd give it some more time and pin them back to let your nice curls shine!
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  • Tori770Tori770 Posts: 13Registered Users
    My hair does that too. It took 3 weeks of CG before the parts around my faced started to curl more.
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  • knittyknitty Posts: 20Registered Users
    Keep going, the bits will eventually curl, maybe not as much as the rest of the hair....I finally have some curl to the top of my head and face area but it took atleast 4 weeks. I was straightening alot though.
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  • EarthyCurlsEarthyCurls Posts: 495Registered Users
    i've been cg since jan and just yesterday some of those went away!
  • miralalunamiralaluna Posts: 168Registered Users
    I find that the constant conditioning of CG is sometimes too much for my hair and can weigh it down, causing lanky, straight bits. My hair tends to be at its curliest/bounciest right after I do a shikakai bar/powder wash + plenty of conditioner.

    Yeah, good idea not to use the curling iron on them as it will probably just flatten the cuticle even more.
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  • potnoodlegirlpotnoodlegirl Posts: 5Registered Users
    Thanks for the replies - it's good to know that they should eventually come back. I finish week 2 tomorrow and they're starting to curl from the roots to about half way down so I guess it's just a case of waiting and hoping!

    At the moment I'm using Inecto Coconut Oil conditioner, and Lush Gel (Big Tease).
  • jwill112876jwill112876 Posts: 205Registered Users
    I actually pincurl my 'bangs' (only one on each side) nd it works very well!


    Jenn :)
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  • CurlyMummyCurlyMummy Posts: 29Registered Users
    Oh my god you have totally the same thing as me! I too have straight bits in the front although now, after a few years, they're getting curlier. My theory was that with colouring a few years ago at tony and guy, they left the foil on too long at the front and it frazzled my hair. As a result I couldn't style the front bits they didn't curl, didn't straighten nicely - just frizzed. Anyway here's my hair before I had a good cut you can just about make out the straight bits h1-vi.png

    You can see them at the front. After I got a shorter cut and those damaged areas grew out and got chopped off it seemed to solve the problem. Here's me after the cut on hols.


    You can see that shorter bit at the front, that was just totally straight before!

    Your hair does look really nice by the way!
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