Increasing Pumping Supply

geekygeeky Posts: 4,995Registered Users
For all the ladies who are pumping or will in the future, my LLL leader just forwarded me this video on how to increase supply by using manual massage/expression while pumping. It is about 10 minutes and there are clearly visible nipples.

Makes sense to me. I already discovered that I can express quite a bit by hand after pumping electrically.
To Trenell, MizKerri and geeky:
I pray none of you ever has to live in a communist state.

Geeky is my hero. She's the true badass. The badass who doesn't even need to be a badass. There aren't enough O's in cool to describe her.


  • goldygoldy Posts: 5,463Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I don't know yet if I'll ever pump (though I probably will) so thanks for the video... I'll check it out :)
    Poodlehead wrote:
    Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:
  • geminigemini Posts: 3,325Registered Users
    Yes, I was always able to get another 1-2 oz. manually when the pump stopped yielding anything. I think even the high grade pumps used without anything else can't compare to the effectiveness of nursing.

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