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Ok, so based on the many helpful porosity posts on here, I've determined I have very porous hair. My hair loves Nexxus Emergencee (that should've been the tip off), but at $14 a bottle, I can't keep doing that every week. I'd love to put some protein in my hair consistently and see what happens!

So apparently for porosity, protein and acidity (ACV) are recommended. I am hoping to do a protein treatment as well as an ACV rinse tonight. Does it matter the order in which I do them?

Also, people seem to have had success w/ henna or cassia. How do henna treatments differ than protein?

AND Finally, I also hear the stronger proteins are animal based (as opposed to wheat or soy). What would those be and does anyone use any products containing wonderful and strong proteins?

Fun with proteins!


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    i dont think you should do the protein treatment and acv rinse together because they can be very drying.
    i did a protein DT two weeks ago and my hair was very dry. and i did an acv rinse and my hair has the same feeling as when i did a protein dt. i dont think there's a rule against doing them back-to-back but they just made my hair very dry.
    definitely follow the protein treatment with a moisturzing dt.

    maybe you could use AOHR which has protein in it as a DT if you leave it on long enough? its like 11 bucks a bottle.

    ...there's also the gvp kpak reconstructor but it has MINERAL OIL in it which board members say needs to be shampooed off. i have used it once..not sure if its still on my hair. it is $5-6
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    This is probably late, but you can do both if you want to. Using ACV once won't do any harm, as long as you use a small amount (one or two tablespoons). Protein is only drying if you have a sensitivity to it. This goes along more with a coarse texture than a high porosity.

    AOHR does not have protein, it's the GPB I believe (protein is right in the title). But if you want a daily dose of protein at a better price, check out Suave Coconut (best used as a co-wash) or L'oreal Vive Pro Nutrigloss for curly hair (bright pink bottle - search the boards for the exact title as it's the only CG one in the line; best used as a rinse-out).

    It shouldn't matter what order you do them. I've been doing my ACV rinses (though I use white vinegar) like Struttswife suggests: pour on after co-wash, before applying rinse-out, and wash out with my rinse-out. I'm sensitive to protein, so I very rarely use it in my rinse-out.

    I hadn't heard that about proteins, but I do know that how you react is different for everyone. Like, some people are ok with all the proteins except wheat. As long as you're getting some form of protein, you should be ok.

    Don't know anything about henna or cassia, lol. There is a section for them, so I'd check there if you don't get any answers here. Good luck!
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    If you want something cheaper then the Nexxus Emergencee. I do the treatment in this thread almost weekly. I think I get as much from this as I do from the Nexxus:


    I think it's actually a protein treatment and not a frizz reducer. The fact that your hair gets the protein may reduce the frizz, but it also tightens my curls. I reduced the baking soda to 1/4t and added a T of CJ conditioner from a jar (one of the treatments.)
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    Yep, Protein is, in fact, my HG, or maybe just discovering the fact that my hair is porous? I have to admit I was scared away for far too long with all the talk about protein sensitivity. I was on the lookout for sensitivity rather than deficiency!
    So lat night I did both the ACV rinse and the Emergencee last night which saved me from shaving my head today. Since I did both, I'm not sure which was more beneficial, but I'll keep experimenting. Thank you so much for the cheaper versions of GPB and Emergencee. And I will always try homemade recipes. Never thought of liquid amino acids before. Love it! THANKS.

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