I have scalp "issues"

Hey there, could you all get me started in the right direction.
I have long dry fine hair. It is wavy with a very fragile curl. I live in a high/dry climate.
I want to encourage my curls and need to learn more about light weight non harsh ways to care for my hair as far as cleansing moisturizing &DT.
Before I can really start on that I need to figure out my scalp issues. I get very sore large hard bumps on my scalp. I have gotten them on and off for years. When I have them they stay for very long time like months. I never know why they come or why they go.
The only thing I have not tried is going all natural. Although someone on another forum told me she gets them but only when she uses certain natural ingredients.
But I may as well give it a try. I will be able to see quickly if it is helping or not. If not at least I will have a piece of the puzzle. Yes I have seen a Dermatologist.
So where do I start?
Something that will be simple and easy for me to get.
Whatever it is needs to be something that wont weigh down my fine fragile hair and also wont dry it out further.
Can someone help me out?


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    You may very well be allergic to one or more chemicals in your hair products. You never mentioned what your dermatologist had to say, but using more natural products might be helpful. Has anything changed in your diet since this has started or are you on any new medication or supplements? Sometimes, biotin (a highly recommended supplement on this board to encourage hair growth) can cause undesirable symptoms like breakouts on the face and/or scalp. Some can't tolerate higher doses (like me).

    Even with fine hair and a dry climate, you could use a very moisturizing DT; in fact I would recommend it. You hair needs the moisture. I use [buylink=]Jessicurl's WDT[/buylink] and there are some home recipies on Tiffany's blog page here.

    A light leave-in might be Giovanni DI or the Donna Marie Curling Jelly might be a good choice. It is moisturizing, light and should encourage your curl.
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    I would try the more natural route and keep it simple so you can determine what is causing your problem. They do put plastics in a lot of natural , CG products though; these will coat the scalp and clog hair follicles. All the products in my signature are "clean" but there may be herbs that will bother you.
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    I've found products with tea tree oil have helped my scalp issues immensely. I had a lot of itching and some similar bumps to what you are describing, and low poos & conditioners such as Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat have almost completely gotten rid of them. Good luck!
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    Still not sure about porosity/protein... my hair takes forever to dry & products often weigh it down, but I like protein. Thus I'm confused.

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    What are you using on your hair?
    I have about 20 years of dry itchy scaly awful scalp and tried all sorts of things for it with little result.
    The first week I went CG and *stopped using shampoos* it cleared up. My scalp has been so happy ever since.
    I didn't have bumps like yours, but I think any sensitivity or irritation will only be worsened using detergent shampoos and harsh chemicals.
    I just CO wash and I use one of the cheap little plastic scalp scrubbie brushes, gently, which feels great.
    A mix of a few drops of tea tree oil in a maybe a tsp of jojoba oil is nice to massage scalp with -- I do this upside down. Rub well into scalp. I have tons of hair, so the remaining oils don't make me greasy or anything, my hair loves it, but if you have fine hair or less, maybe do this before you go to sleep, then clean hair in the morning.
    But most of all -- learn about CG if you haven't already, start reading product labels, and stop shampooing. There are lots of great and very affordable natural and CG products available now.
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