mattifying toner vs. primer

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So I've never really used a primer under my makeup before, but thought I'd give it a shot. I was looking on and found this:,default,pd.html

Anyone know if this would be similar to a primer?
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    "leaves an instant matte shine"????


    it's either matte or shiny - not both.

    but i wouldn't use that as a primer because it's not one.
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    i really like smashbox anti-shine for when i'm going out. for my daily look i wear the meow oily skin primer. it's a white powder but it works well under my meow foundation. have you checked for reviews on the product you were considering? i think a toner is always good to use but i find a cream (smaskbox) or a powder (meow) will give the best and most lasting mattyfying results.
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    Love this stuff - seldom have to use powder when I apply this before makeup:

    I've used it for several years. You can get it other places, too. A tube lasts me probably six months because you use very little of it at a time.
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