CJ Coffee-Coco Curl Creme?

Okay, I searched and searched and it's late and I know people hate double posting, but I couldn't find a product review (which there MUST be one out there!) on CJ's [buylink=]coffee-coco curl creme[/buylink]. What do people use it with? Do they use it with CJ's [buylink=]Curl assurance smoothing gellie[/buylink]? Can they? Do they put something on top of it, under it? How much do they use?

I probably didn't try the right word variation or something. :dontknow:

Oh yeah, on the ingredients there is a cone followed by a peg-8 benzoate....??
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    It might be my favorite curl creme. It's one of the few that I've used consistently for the last year. You can use it with the other CJ products or almost anything else.

    ETA: My hair is fine and low porosity, I use very little of any product. I always use a leave in and am using gel again. It's CG and no problems with build up.
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    I've gotten great results with the cream and the smoothing gellie. Good hold with no crunch. I'm sure you could use it under any gel. I've used it under BRHG with good results too now that I think of it. I personally like the Komaza coconut pudding better than the CJ coffee coco but not by much.
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