hair feels icky can you help me out

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so maybe this is the problem but i don't know. i cowash my hair every day and i have been for about the past week (this is my second week). my hair is started to feel icky and there isn't much curl. it looks pretty much the same when i washed it with shampoo not much curl except for that the ends. i'm trying to grow my hair out and my hair dresser usually tells me that when my curls grow out they tend to weigh down as my hair gets longer. can anyone recommend something for me to take care of the ickyness and curl formation. i was thinking of trying jessicurl products seeing as she has a cleanser and conditioner.


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    I stopped co-washing altogether and do mainly water rinses and my hair looks a lot better. I use a good quality, rich conditioner for a rinse-out or leave-in. Suave causes frizz and limpness in my hair. Sugar scrubs help my scalp feel better/cleaner. I use shampoo bars or a gentle shampoo 1Xweek. I stopped using products with plastics or copolymers; they coat the scalp and clog hair folicles and make my hair guncky.
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    Try switching your co-wash to every other day and add some lemon juice to your conditioner. That should help. The greasiness is pretty normal for beginning CG. Your scalp is still transitioning.
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    brown sugar scrub if your scalp feels yucky!
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    I had a similar problem when I was co-washing everyday. I'd put gel in afterward but I'd mess with my hair and it would frizz. I kept co-washing everyday then adding more gel to try and control it and I finally went back to washing. This time (my second attempt cg) I only co-wash when it seems to need it, usually every few days and I leave it alone after I gel it and let it dry on it's own or loosely pull it up in a clip to keep it out of my face. I'm having great results this time. Maybe try a sulfate wash and start again? You may be co-washing too often. Remember as you stop shampooing, the oil glands lessen production of oil so you don't need to clean it as often. I decided this time to just wash when it seemed to need it and that has made a huge difference and saved me alot of time!
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    And check all your hair products for silicones - anything that ends in 'cone, 'conol. or 'xane. These need a sulfate shampoo to remove them since they will build up on your hair.
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