Help! 4a in need of gray-coloring hair-color product

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Hi Folks:

I have recently started to let my hair grow (used to wear it in a brushable-short style - natural) in hopes that I can grow a nice & healthy afro. I've just recently learned my hair-type - 4A (from this site). Most of my gray is concentrated around my edges, although I have noticeable gray thorough my hair. I wanted to conceal the gray, so I used HiRez "Brazen Bronze" thinking I could blend the gray. Although that lightened my hair (much more than I wanted), it isn't really helping to conceal the gray. My natural hair-color is a kind of "Dusty-Black" and my skin tone is a medium brown. Does anyone have a recommendation for a hair color product that colors gray and can give me a light-to-medium brown hair-color? I have been doing a little research and was thinking that maybe a Henna product may work for me. Thanks in Advance... :happy7:


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    One of the gals around here uses a henna and indigo mix to do exactly that. I'm sure she'll see this and post the recipe for you.
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    I've been hennaing my gray for a few months and it covers the gray really well--with flaming orange. This looks more or less subtle depending on the ambient light around you :glasses1: I'd tried other colors on my grays before and nothing works. Henna is amazing for gray coverage. Totally permanent, too. If you think this might work for you (ie you don't mind a red tone), I'd recommend the Yemen henna at Henna for

    I'm ready to try something browner. I've ordered my supplies but have just been using up the last batch of premixed henna I had in the freezer so I haven't tried it yet.

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