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does anyone know of a good salon in the Toronto area? i want to get my hair coloured and styled but had some bad experiences in the past. I need some trusted opinions and suggestions from my fellow curly-haired sisters, especially 3bs. PLEASE HELP!


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    If you need a great cut and colour, here is the place to go in the GTA. I recently went to The Cutting Crew which is located right downtown in the TD Centre. You can find a link to the site through at the top of your computer screen.

    My hair kept growing bigger and bigger with less and less curl definition so I went to see Tony at the salon. If you've followed this or the main board for a while, it's Jonathan Torch's salon where they use a "tunnel cut" technique. At $100 Jonathan was a little too rich for my blood. For a cut, Tony was a reasonable $49.

    Also, my hair had lightened so much by the sun that I was ready to go darker. Tony took my really light base colour and used some of those pieces as hilights - he just isolated some pieces with foil and deep conditioned them, and then "stained" the rest of my hair to blend more with my roots. The result was so wonderful, and even Jonathan made a point of commenting on both the colour and my amazing curls (he saw my before look). I feel that through years of colouring that this was the least invasive colour that I've ever had and probably the most natural. The cut is the best yet.

    Jonathan Torch's "Curly Hair Solutions" line is phenominal! I've tossed away all of my other products and am using his line faithfully with amazing results - defined ringlets with no frizz!!! The "Curl Keeper" is reactivated with water, so at any time during the day, you can just scrunch wet hands through your hair to redefine if needed. The great part is NO SILICONES!!!!

    I hope that all this helps. Here's the phone number if you want it...(416)362-1068.
    Best of luck to you,
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    Hey Veronica,

    I think I was supposed to get back to you with this. I have 4a hair, but a good friend of mine is 3b and she goes to

    Chanel @ L'Attitudes (Eaton Centre) - (416) 340-9920

    She did a wash n' blow dry and style for me and I got so many compliments!
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    I go to Rosalea at L'Attitudes at the Promenade Mall (Thornhill, Ont.). The number is (905) 763-1188. I really like her (and I'm very picky). The only thing is that she cuts my hair as if I'm going to wear it straight (because I normally do), so I'm not sure how her cut would be for curly hair. However, she has curly hair that she usually straightens, so I'm sure she would do a good job (since she said that she goes curly once in a while).
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    I live in Toronto, and have type 3b hair. It's like a medium/dark brown, and I've been getting blonde highlights for a long time, so now it's mostly blonde. I want to go back to my natural colour (and maybe get some caramel highlights?), aswell as get a flattering cut. Right now my hair is mid-back (like bottom of my bra strap) and has long layers in the front and sides, but the back just seems weighed down. You guys all seem to like L'Attitudes, so do you think I should give them a try? Are they expensive? What's their price range?

    Sorry for all the questions! icon_confused.gif

    A 3b 2c combo a couple of inches above my elbows...think Amanda Marshall hair
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    Hey Rapunzel,

    I only went there once and that wash and blow dry $34.75 (tax inclu). My friend swears by them though and she has 3b shoulder length hair. Her hair always looks amazing when I see her.

    Good luck!!!

    Hey Veronica....did u ever go???