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I have read the book, but I'm still a little confused. For the wavy hair technique she says to use my conditioner on the end and works its way up to the midshaft. Then the next stap mentions using shampoo on my scalp and roots. I know that I can use a low poo on occasion, as needed, but if I want to try no poo, do I use my conditioner on my roots and scalp (as in the corkscrew and Boticelli method)?

I know I will have more ??'s, but this will get me started!
Co-Wash: Giovanni 50:50 Shampoo
Deep Conditioner: LVPNG
Styling: BHRG, Astroglide (and if it works, I'll order CK)

Just started CG method April 15, 2009, so I am still learning and experimenting!

Playing around with honey. Adding it to my LVPNG and doing honey rinses.

I can't believe some of the things I am putting in my hair. But, if it helps and it's healthym why not?!?


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    In short: yes.
    I tend to co-wash (as for corkscrew/botticelli) most of the time and only use a low-poo once in a blue moon, although I'm a wavie.
    Curling it in Scotland the modCG way since September 2008.
    Long suffering wavy - 2a/b.

    • Naked Rescue or Care
    • Original Source (any variety)
    • Naked Care and Naked Rescue DT
    • ASDA Essential Care Mango&Passionfruit or Coconut&Tiare
    • Boots Essentials Curl Creme
    • Boots Essentials Strong Hold Gel (purple)

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