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So, I love looking pale. I have sort of pale skin, but I want it to be paler.
I thought about using baby powder, but I've heard it causes cancer, dry skin, ruins pores, etc. Is this true?
Then I thought, okay, there MUST be some type of powder to make me look paler. I looked around my local drugstore and found Loreal Paris Bare Naturale Mattifying Mineral Finish (whew, that's a mouth full!). Anyways, I was wondering if this would do the trick or if there are any products that WILL. Thanks!


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    Why would they use baby powder on babies if it caused cancer?

    And when you say pale, you really mean white? White white?

    Can't you use any old pale face powder? I once asked Dita Von Teese (a pretty pale gale herself) which face makeup she uses. She said she uses Guerlain Matte Touch Violettes powder:

    Stay out of the sun of course and use sunscreen.
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    Sunscreen with physical filters (titanium dioxide and zinc ) your skin appear paler especially when you go with an SPF of 50+. The only thing is that they are often greasy, so I only apply those from the neck down. As far as foundations are concerned, I usually have to buy the palest shade available and actually found one that is a bit too pale for me without the dreaded pink undertones (I'm neutral): Loreal Infallible makeup in Soft Ivory. I really like the consistency and it really is good for a liquid foundation, especially a drugstore brand and makes my face look about as white as it can without looking like I'm wearing a mask.
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    This is sort of guano but baby powder was thought to possibly cause cancer because it was actually talcum powder. So they changed baby powder to cornstarch and removed the talcum completely. Now it is considered completely safe.
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