My new haircut, question

curlyandproud124112curlyandproud124112 Posts: 49Registered Users
I just got a haircut two days ago and lopped off three inches. When I got home to take a shower and do my hair routine, my hair was the exact same length! I know my stylist cut off three inches because my coils are tighter, and my head feels 10x lighter. But there is no visual difference. It doesn't bother me too much, just wondering if this has happened to any of you. -Thanks! :happy7:
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  • Beige_AngelBeige_Angel Posts: 7Registered Users
    Was your hair wet or damp? Hair looks longer when it's wet/damp because the water weighs it down. When your hair's completely dry the difference should be more noticeable.

    Sorry if that seemed patronizing, it's just the only rational explanation I could think of. Maybe the hair-dresser cut off less than you thought?

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