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Okay, so I'm relatively happy with my appearnce, but there are three things that bother me:
1) I have dark circles under my eyes. I have bad circulation and allergies, so I think they're coming from that. I'm treating the allergies, so it must be the circulation. I know why, but I need a way to get rid of them (preferably naturally and cheap (like get at a drugstore cheap).
2) The bridge of my nose is red. I don't really now why, someone hit it two or three years ago, it didn't break, but that could have been what caused. Whatever caused it, I need to eliminate the redness! Help! Once again, naturally and cheap please!
3)I have kind of big eyes, but I want them to be bigger. How do I do this? Cheap please!
Thanks so much. I have read all over the internet, but I want to narrow it down to my one request (naturally) and my one demand (cheap-- like get at the drugstore cheap!!)


  • The New BlackThe New Black Registered Users Posts: 16,754 Curl Connoisseur
    I don't know of products that really eliminate dark circles or redness, just cover them up. Reduce the circles or redness, maybe... Concealer, of course, would work. Or cucumber slices or cooled tea bags for the darkness?

    As for the bigger eyes, use a white eye pencil on the lower waterline of your eyes. If white is too bright for you, light pink/blue might work also. I see people do it and it looks nice, especially in photos. But don't overdo it. I'd try it, but I'd look like a bug.
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    to help the dark circles, try raising the head of your bed by a couple of inches so that blood isn't pooling under your eyes while you sleep.

    an orange-toned concealer will help cover those up best.
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    The first two are just how your face is, and there's nothing you can do to get rid of it. You can only cover it up.

    As for the last one, there are a lot of ways to make your eyes appear bigger. Wearing mascara and eyeliner can help, as can wearing light eye shadow on your lid with highlighter over your tear duct.
  • LoloDSMLoloDSM Registered Users Posts: 3,778 Curl Neophyte
    To make your eyes look bigger (and help with dark circles), don't wear eyeliner or mascara under your eyes. Top lashes and lid only - unless your try Phoenix's suggestion with white. Otherwise, you close off the eyes and make them look smaller. This helps with dark circles because you don't get anything smudging underneath.

    I use a white pencil in the inner corner of my eyes in a little sideways "v" shape (a bit on top, a bit on bottom). Makes a big difference and also brightens your face.
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    LoloDSM wrote: »
    To make your eyes look bigger (and help with dark circles), don't wear eyeliner or mascara under your eyes...Otherwise, you close off the eyes and make them look smaller. This helps with dark circles because you don't get anything smudging underneath.
    I would amend that to say that if you have long lashes under your eyes--and your eyes aren't small--putting a little bit of mascara on them can make your eyes look bigger. Just keep it subtle. I put mascara on my upper lashes first, and then use the small amount of mascara that remains on the wand to lightly coat my lower lashes. If you use a good mascara that doesn't flake, it shouldn't smudge. Plus, if you're using concealer to cover dark circles, you'll probably get it on your lower lashes. In fact, that's why I started putting mascara on them.
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    MAC Paint-pot in Soft Ochre is awesome for dark circles. Its very yellow, which offsets the purple color that dark circles have. I use it over the entire lid area because it evens out the color and then works as an eyeshadow base. Benefit makes a product called Lemon Aid that is similar, but I've never tried it.
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    I agree about the orange tone to counter the dark circles. I had the makeup artist in Sephora apply an orangish creme eyeshadow under my eye and it TOTALLY worked! I was really surprised (I just use a bit of my regular pressed powder over it) at how it got rid of the circles without looking to heavy.

    I used a product called Bosica (sephoria sells it) under eye gel to help with my dark circles and now I don't even need a concealer (mine were from lack of sleep...if yours are really dark or genetic I'm not sure how much it will help). It's kinda pricey (1oz costs $35) but I've been using the same bottle every morning and night for 2 months and i'm quite sure it will last another 1-2 months. They line is 100% natural so it might be worth looking into.
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    I just bought a fabulous product from Bobbi Brown--a corrector to be used under concealer for dark circles under the eyes. It was only about $20, and a little goes a long way. Really brightens up your eyes!
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