I am so slow

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I am so slow when it comes to finding good music!

I was listening to Last FM today and found this awesome song by an artist I had never heard of (William Fitzsimmons) ... so I bought the whole album and I'm really loving it .... it's from 2006 though ... lol ... that's pretty depressing it takes me 3 years for good music to get to me.

anyway, no point to this post ... just random musings... I would have really loved to listen to this 3 years ago...

I wonder if there's any good new music out there from 2009 that I'm also missing...


  • MichelleBFTMichelleBFT Posts: 4,812Registered Users
    the same thing happens to me pretty regularly. I almost always find new artists I like through friends who have similar taste, and the only reason I've gotten any faster at it is that a close friend of mine's brother in law is OBSESSED with music and is constantly seeking out new stuff.
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    Music is one of my passions, and I'm always discovering exceptionally talented artists. I'm sure there are thousands I don't know about. Thanks to technology, new ones come on the scene all the time. There's only so much keeping up you can do!
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