One side of hair just wavy, other side tight curls!!

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Hi all!!
My first post. This site is very helpful! Background I had my last relaxer May '06. Since then I've been flat iron it to keep it straight. Well, off course my hair is breaking off, so I've decided to stop. So for the past week, I have be just cowashing daily, and pulling my hair back into a ponytail. I would love to wear it out, but one said is wavy and the other side has tight curls. My hair is all messed up with all the heat I've been applying.

Any ideas, to get the left side to curl like the other,
or a style I could wear that would look ok?


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    Hi, it sounds like maybe you applied more pressure to one side of your head then the other when flat ironing or could you have different texture on each side. I think w/my own head some parts of my hair are more resistent to the heat then others and will stay kinkier while other parts loosen up. This could be the case w/you too. I would recommend some deep conditioning & use a leave in conditioner along w/hair lotion to style your hair like Carol's Daughter Hair Milk (I heard that's good) or Africa's Best "Texture My Way-[buylink=]Curl Keeper[/buylink]" which is what I use buy @ local ethnic beauty supply (fits into my budget better.) I'll eventually try the Hair Milk and see how that works....hope this helps!!
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    It sounds like the relaxing and ironing has tired out your hair. I used to flat-iron my hair all the time before I got tired of it and realized how damaging it can be. If it's only been a week, your hair might still need more "rest," so continue moisturizing and stay away from the heat (I've just started using the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle, and it is plesantly surprising--talk about soft hair). Scrunching your hair might encourage curls as well, so you might try that. As Au naturale said, definitely deep condition! If you can find it, the Pantene Relaxed & Natural Hair Mask is pretty good. Really any conditioner mixed with a little olive oil and left on for about an hour without heat can be pretty beneficial. Good luck!

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    Wow- didn't see this thread before. I have a thread I just posted that speaks of something similar...

    I dunno. It could be cause of the flat iron but I tend to think if it's been like this for a while now for you: It may not [just be] the flat iron.

    My hair seems hormonal & although it is healthy & grows well- it (seemingly) switches textures . It may be cause of growing out & not being used to the new waves/curls or 'plain kink' that comes with having transitioning back to natural hair. I'm unsure I have the answers.
    The only thing I suggest is keep with your co washes & experiment with; honey, banana & other things like henna. -Someone mentioned henna moisturizes really well-as well as relaxes the curl.
    Do what's best for you & along with a bit of T&E- see how it goes....Be patient- HTH.

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    my hair is exactly the same and it drives me crazy...sometimes i can control the tighter curls on one side of my hair and sometimes i can't...maybe i'll try a texturier on that side of my head. lol
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    Haven't been on in a while. It's been 3 months now, and it's getting better. Haven't touch it with heat at all. One side is still way straighter, but I've found braid outs work well for my hair. I tend to wear my hair up in a ponytail. I think it looks pretty good. Will have to experiment with new styles. I attached pics of my hair before,my ponytail, and braid out.