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DH and I are thinking about trying to get pregnant and I have a few questions. My biggest concern (besides child birth itself) is morning sickness. I get up VERY early (4:30am) for work and am worried about being sick and still making it to work on time. I know that every woman is different and I probably won't sleep that well while pregnant anyway and that I should feel blessed that this is my biggest concern, but it's something I'm really worried about. I will have to work as long as possible through my pregnancy. So I guess I'm asking for your experiences, good and bad, with morning sickness and working while pregnant. I will be at this job at least another year and don't want to put my life on hold because of the sucky hours. Thanks!
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    No personal experience, but my sister is pregnant right now and says "morning sickness" is worse in the afternoon for her.
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    You hear a lot about morning sickness, but it's usually very minor for most women. The ones who have it bad are rare, but they are much louder about it. I never had anything more than very occasional slight nausea. Never puked. And it was only for a few weeks.

    I slept great while pregnant. I had more energy and had an easier time getting up early than when not pregnant. I worked up til delivery with all my kids.

    Also, I had super-immunity when pregnant. No illness could touch me...not even a head cold.
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    Thanks for the replies. I'm super excited, but pretty nervous at the same time. I imagine that's normal, esp with the first!
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    My morning sickness was worst in the evenings and even then it was very mild and only lasted about 5 weeks. It was a general feeling of being queasy and not wanting to eat--I had lots of food aversions. But I never vomited and it never interfered with my life.

    It's worse if you don't eat so if you just make sure to keep something in your stomach, even just crackers or juice, it really helps.

    You may not have morning sickness at all. And even if you do, it's just a blink of the eye in the big picture and absolutely worth it. Don't let it deter you from TTC!
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    i had night sickness with my first, and 24-hour sickness with my second. both subsided in or around my 4th month, but picked up again in my last month.

    both times, it consisted of dry heaves, especially with the encounter of certain odors like meat frying or pancakes or muffins (don't ask), or perfume or fragrance of any kind.

    with our first, i made my husband get rid of our normal perfumed laundry detergent. and i rewashed everything in our house in perfume-free detergent to get rid of that smell in our stuff. it took me days of washing, but i got it all done.

    the odd thing is that my acute sense of smell never went away. i smell things that many people around me don't notice. and i smell them strongly and they usually offend me.

    a few friends of mine didn't get morning sickness at all with any of their pregnancies, so it's not a given.
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    I had very little nausea and did vomit twice (though neither time was in the morning).

    If you do find it harder to get going in the morning than you could just set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier and keep a glass of water and some crackers by your bedside.

    There's no real guarantee of what symptoms you'll experience and what pregnancy will bring you. Everyone's experience is different.
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    I had morning sickness, that lasted through the early afternoon. When it first started (before I knew I was pregnant) I thought I had a stomach virus.

    If I wasn't careful, I'd throw up while brushing my teeth. I also had an aversion to smells, and the wrong one would trigger the nausea. Thankfully though, it only lasted about 3-4 weeks (or during my third month of pregnancy).

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    Every pregnancy is different.

    With my first, I had slight nausea, but nothing that slowed me down, and I worked until my 9th month. I was a retail store manager, so I was running around and on my feet all the time. I had TONS of energy and did not get sick at all. I would go all day every day from 7:30 am until 11 pm.

    This time I had severe nausea, I have gotten sick a lot, I am tired all of the time(to the point of napping every day).

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    I was nauseous for about five weeks, but was able to keep in under control by snacking a lot on crackers. Keep in mind that nausea is good because it means your hormone levels are where they should be.

    I was pretty tired and had a difficult time getting up for work, but then I was 36 during my first pregnancy.

    Don't let things like that keep you from having kids. Trust me! The benefits outweigh any of the side effects.

    Good luck and have fun!
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    I've got 3 kids (all boys if that makes any difference) and never had morning sickness. However, with my first 2 babies I got high blood pressure towards the end.
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    Thanks for all the great replies! I'm excited and I'm not even pregnant yet!
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    With my son I was sick all day every day until I was 14 weeks or so then it passed and I was fine.

    With both of my daughters I just kinda feel yucky and some what sick for a few weeks and only threw up a couple of times.

    Like everyone else said each one is different.
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    here comes the horrible morning sickness story!:toothy6:

    i remember the day my morning sickness started and it never ended. i was diagnosed with hyperemesis, which basically means you puke 24/7. i puked anything and everything. i couldnt even hold down water. it was the worst feeling ever. i had to go to the hospital every other day for IV's to treat my dehydration, i lost ALOT of weight, and i even had esophageal bleeding from all the vomitting. i was given one prescription to help treat it that didnt work and the second one i was given was very very expensive. it stopped me from vomitting constantly but i would say that i still threw up no less than once or twice a day all the way up until the end.

    but hyperemesis is rare (1 in 100 pregnant women) so hopefully you wont have to deal with that at all. good luck!
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    I was sick at various times of day until my third trimester. I worked full-time, and honestly, it wasn't that big a deal (except for the day that I barfed on my sweater...LOL). You kinda get used to it.
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    The term morning sickness was irrelevent for me, it was an all day thing, nausea though, not vomitting. With my first son I had it from week four to sixteen, it was unpleasant bit not too bad. With my second it started at week four and didn't stop until after I'd had him. Nightmare. I was never sick but the nausea was constant and the dry-retching a regular occurance, especially after I'd finished work for some reason. I work nights and I'd get home in the morning and just head straight to the bathroom or laundry and heave away. Ugh.
    Like CocoaCoily, brushing my teeth would invariably set me off - I had to change from a manual to electric toothbrush as the manual one made me heave! I still can't use a manual one in a morning and my son's 11 1/2 now. Also when I was pregnant with him, my older son had a white chocolate chick for Easter, the smell is something that has never gone away for me, it used to set me off too.
    I wonder if it's hereditary, my mum and sister both had it really bad too. Maybe you'll be lucky.
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    This was a huge concern for me as well, as I have emerophobia (fear of vomiting) and even the thought of doing so can give me a panic attack. For both my pregnancies, I never threw up, but I had that carsick feeling for about 16 weeks. I didn't really start gaining weight until 20 weeks because I had no apetite.
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    Another sickness horror story.

    I puked at least once a day, sometimes twice or three times a day, until I was about 7 months pregnant. It became so routine that I stopped worrying about it. "Oh, it's 7:30 am? Time for the bathroom. Next one's scheduled for 1:00 pm!" I had to work my life around my puking times. I wasn't working so I have no clue how women with hyperemesis deal with being sick at work.

    I still get triggered by certain smells and my son is almost 6. Lavender and collard greens still make me feel woozy, and I used to not mind those smells pre-pregnancy.
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    I think it definitely depends on what kind of job you have. If you're at a desk job, a job where you set your own hours, or a job where you do a lot of commuting between clients, you'll have it easier. But if you're on your feet all day or have very rigid, set hours or are the only person in your department or whatever who does your job (making it harder to leave or miss a day), then it might be more difficult.

    Good luck! I think you'll be fine. Most women don't have bad morning sickness. Most women I know only threw-up once or twice, if at all.
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    With both my kids I was nauseus all day long from about week 6 to week 12. It would go away as long as I ate something, so I was constantly snacking. I will say I never puked from morning sickness. I feel for those of you that puked when you were further along. I had a stomach virus and puking with a big stomach is not fun.

    Don't let this fear get in your way of getting pregnant. It's one of the most incredible experiences ever. There is nothing like holding your newborn child...or hearing mommy the first time...I could go on and on. :)
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    I never really got morning sickness with any of my pregnancies. I would get a vague, nauseous feeling from about weeks 6 - 10, but it would go away if I ate something (like inheritedcurls). I never vomited. I would get tired in the first trimester, but it wasn't debilitating.

    With my son, I had really horrible pelvic pain in the third trimester, but I haven't had it this time around. I've felt pretty darn good the whole time. I've got a friend that was out running 5Ks at 8 months - you really never know how you're going to feel and no matter what, you'll get through it.
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    Thanks for being so honest ladies. It's not going to stop us from trying, it was just a concern I had. Sounds like I better keep crackers on hand.
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    Fizzy drinks were a lifesaver for me.
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    With my two girls,17 1/2 and 14 1/2,I had morning sickness.With the first one it was early in the AM,and I was still able to go to work.With the second one it was worse,I had to be hospitalized because I couldn't even hold down water.I think they gave me phernergan and B6 pills,then it calmed down.I was in the Army and my Colonel let me go home when I wasn't feeling well.My third child,my son who is 13 1/2,beleive it or not,I didn't have any morning sickness with him period.I was so happy.I think it differs with pregnancies.Good Luck to you and yours!
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