Need a good lower body workout

I'm looking to build up thigh, calf, and glute muscles. I can't lift more than 20-25 max and I'm stumped at what to do. I've been doing Tae Bo Bootcamp and going to the gym 2-3 days a week. I'm still lost as to what to do at the gym. I mostly do the eliptical (pedal backwards) or walk on the treadmill when I'm not doing upperbody.


I don't need to lose or gain weight, my vegetarian diet is very clean, and I drink enough water.


  • LAwomanLAwoman Registered Users Posts: 2,949 Curl Neophyte
    Try "The Firm" workouts--- they are great for targeting those areas!!
  • Hermoine™ Hermoine™ Banned Banned Users Posts: 35
    Sumo Squats
    Chair Pose
    Pilates (Duck) Squats
    Stationary Bike
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    Squats are the best thing you can do for your lower body. You can work your way up to "real squats".

    First, try ball squats (video) - without weight, then add dumbbells when you need more challenge.

    When you're ready to move on, try goblet squats (video). Focus on keeping your weight in your heels, but sit your hips DOWN instead of back. I like to think of how I'd squat to give birth. When you come up, you should feel the movement initiating in and exploding through your hips. Think to "spread the floor" with your feet.

    Once you've mastered goblets, you can try "real" squats on the rack. Use the same form as your goblets.
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    CardioCoach had a great sale going on--it might still be happening. You can get CDs for some of the workouts, and all can be downloaded and then put on an mp3 player. I love them for running on a treadmill (you can also use them for ellipticals or just plain running). There's an adequate warmup period, then you are told what level of exertion to work for and for how long (30 seconds, a minute etc). There are usually several challenges, each consists of intervals of higher and lower exertion.

    Jumproping is good. I also like plyometric work for the legs, but I don't know if that's something you're interested in.

    I like wall squats, also called sit squats.
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