Hair Type.. Wavy/curly... AH

sarahmarie17sarahmarie17 Posts: 2Registered Users
hey, so I have no idea what type of hair i have.. I was told by a hairdresser it's more of a wave than a curl. I'm trying to think of a cut, since i havnt cut it since i was very young. Possibly bangs? yes? no? help please!?! =)


  • j-jill. j-jill. Posts: 147Registered Users
    That definitely looks like wavy hair to me. This is just a guess.. 2b/2c? I'm not good at typing, but I do know that it is wavy.
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  • Irish_carrottopIrish_carrottop Posts: 214Registered Users
    I'm going to say 2c... that's almost a curl, but now quite. I think you would look cute with side bangs, but kind of long ones. I love the length on you.
  • multiracialcurls89multiracialcurls89 Posts: 204Registered Users
    I agree its more wavy, but a pretty wave it is. I think that if you went CG and got it cut you would probably have some curl, but I am no expert but yes definitly a 2c or 2b! :) I love your length, I think side bangs would be gorgeous.
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