A Few Things I've Noticed...

x3Tinax3Tina Posts: 77Registered Users
- I have to log in twice to be able to post, check pms etc. It's like i clicked refresh if I log in once.
- Many posts that I've made won't show up for a while; For example:I had replied to two posts in the same thread, went to edit one, did so successfully, clicked on 'NC.com Forum Index', hit back, and they were gone. I logged off (had to try loging off twice before it actually did) and relogged on, and they still aren't their, along with the posts I had responded to. It's like the posts had never even been their.
- A couple days ago, there were two Curl411 buttons, but the first changed into Curlmunity when I scrolled over it.
- I had changed my signature, made a mistake and fixed it (around 10am), and then after hitting back in my second point (just recently), the mistake was back. I had to re-change it.

Has anyone else experienced this?
P/w: curls

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