My product results from spring break

We spent last week on the balmy (well, relatively balmy) gulf beach. Coming from a dry northern climate, it was quite a change! I brought a bunch of my products to test them out and see how they worked.
I kept with the same cowash- Suave coconut condish. I tried out the Kenra Moisturizing condish as a leave-in, it worked really well. Unfortunately I had mixed results from the KB Nectar, I am going to stay on the fence with that and maybe try it again this summer. My biggest pleasure was finally using the [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] and seeing how well it worked in my hair. Big beautiful curls that lasted. The only gel I remembered to bring was the Biosilk Hard Rock Gelee, as usual for me worked great. Real downers were [buylink=]Re:Coil[/buylink], (that's going up on the swap board) and the Shea Moisture Sheabutter leave in (can you say "pouf"?). I'm keeping that one because my hubby used it and it worked wonderfully for him. He has thick, kinky curly hair (my hair is fine and porous). Wish I had another week to try more!!
Currently on the shelf:
Cowash- suave coconut
condish- Biolage Conditioning Balm
Still experimenting with styling products-
BRHG, Kenra Moisturizing Condish (as a leave in), Mirra Gel and Mousse just added
Hair is getting healthier every day! Avoiding glycerin & alcohol for now.


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