How to love your curls

Well I made a mistake a few days ago by dieing my hair and unforunately the color did not come out right and the CURLS are so FRIZZY and DRIED out. I honestly do not like my curls and they always look a mess!

And not to mention I dont know how to fix my hair color cause I already died it TWICE in two days.

I have NO clue what to do.

Any advice?


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    A conditioner with protein is good after coloring. Your color will look richer and better after you add some moisture back. What kind of conditioners do you have? What type/brand of dye did you use? Did it come with a tube of conditioner?
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    This forum is amazing.
    I'm glad I found out.

    Well the type of SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER I use is called pureology. I am sure a lot of you guys have herd of that. It is a ANTI FADE product and help the color stay healthy.

    And products I TRY to use is called Saloon In by Recamier Professional.

    And the box was called LOREAL. The salon suggested I use that brand cause its a very good product line.

    I just want my curls to look beautiful and healthy. And the red looks HORRIBLE. I got blonde eyebrows. Bad Idea?