CurvyGirlie89CurvyGirlie89 Posts: 1Registered Users
Hi everyone. I actually am making a trip to the salon on Monday with my friend and I was wondering what i should do with my hair if anything. I have shoulder length all over brown curly hair. I was thinking about going for light brown highlights then changed my mind because i was nervous to ruin my natural hair color yet again and ruin it all together. For my hair I use no special products. i use hair shampoo and conditooner from the grocery store. And I use a gel called Lots of Curls. Would you guys recommend anything? Let me know. Thanks


  • x3Tinax3Tina Posts: 77Registered Users
    I've had blonde highlights before in my dark brown hair, but they were so skinny they kind of blended, if that makes sense. If you want, a lighter shade of brown may look nice. :) I'd suggest searching for pictures before you go.
    P/w: curls

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