Can anyone give me a quick cg + coloring rundown?

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I am going to try out cg for the first time on Monday. I color my hair regularly and I see from this board that you can color when you do cg. There are so many threads though and so much info to wade through. I was wondering if someone could give me a quick overview of coloring while doing cg. Like what dyes to avoid, what to use. My natural color is a medium/dull brown and I usually pick medium to dark browns often with red undertones.

Also, unrelated to dying, can I still straighten my hair with a straightener some days if I feel like it?


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    I haven't heard of any dyes that you shouldn't use, I see many different types used by the gals on here. I'm CG as well and I was told that you just need to make sure you moisturize well after you color it(not with their packet because of the cones) and I think you are suppose to not cleanse it for a couple days to let the color set. Maybe morrighu(sorry if I spelled it wrong) will chime in, she's a Wiz at color questions and very helpful!

    Personally, I don't straighten my hair, but some on here do once in a while without any problem, but you'd have to steer clear of the serums and straightening creams, they're not CG.

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