Damaged Hair! >:O

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I notice that my hair is extremely damaged in some places. I have a natural curl pattern of somewhere in between 3c and 4a. In some places (mostly in the back of my hair and a little bit around the edges) my hair looks almost 3a or even 2c! When i feel the roots tho, my hair has its normal 3c/4a texture. i did used to straighten my hair ALL THE TIME.
Is the curl looseness from too much heat damage?
Does/Has anyone else have the same problem?
Any tips on keeping the new growth from turning out the same way?
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    It's possible this was caused by constantly straightening, especially if you said that your roots are coming in as 3c/4a. I'm pretty sure when your hair grows back, that it'll come back as 3c/4a. (:
    This happened to me too.. My hair is much looser than it used to because of straightening everyday, but I only recently stopped (About 2 months ago), so I have to wait for my natural hair to come back.. I also permanently dyed my whole head of hair for years without a break. :S
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    Same happened with me. I constantly dyed my hair (including bleaching it which is really bad...) and I straightened my hair everyday. (Without a heat protectant!) So my hair got super damaged. So now my hair is about 2c when it really should be 3a. :(
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    Yeah, I had the same problem. Still do in places.

    I waited for it to grow out, and then got itcut off when I was comfortable with the length it would be. Other than that, after I put my gel in, I'd wrap it around my finger. Sometimes that worked, sometimes it didn't.

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